Modern Single Story Forest House With Pool in Ukraine

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Come with us to this 195 square metre Forest House in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed and visualised by Bezmirno Architects. Past the towering trees, we find the outside of the single story house standing a beautiful combination of wood and stone. The natural materials of the forest house continue inside of the home too, where rich wooden walls make up the majority of the decor. Stacked stone builds one of the fireplaces and a peaceful courtyard forms a majestic core. Besides the beautiful rusticity throughout the interior, the furniture design follows a clear chic and contemporary nature, which makes for a gorgeous mix of modern and natural styles.

Outdoor lounge chairs stretch out on a poolside patio that connects the volumes of the home.

Pool lights shimmer across the waters surface. Post lights illuminate the patio slabs.

Concrete steps climb to an elevated platform along the side of the modern home exterior.

Mature trees tower all around the forest home, shrouding it from the outside world.

A car port stands in the same grey stacked stone and rich wood cladding as the main house.

Another set of concrete steps lead up to the front entrance of the house from the direction of the car port, and of the front pathway.

Some forest trees stand in the grounds of the house, shooting up to the sky from manicured lawns, pebbled pathways and borders.

Cultivated shrubs fill the void beneath the exterior staircase design, and feather the edge of a platform to the home entry door.

Outdoor spotlights twinkle down from wooden shelters above the pool patio.

The recessed spotlights line the edges of each overhang on the building, allowing the entire exterior to be lit up at dusk.

Concrete stepping stones make a pathway around the perimeter of the home, where the homeowners can stroll by the natural stone and wooden volumes of architecture whilst admiring the surrounding forest canopy.

The exterior lighting accentuates the beautiful natural textures used to construct the special home exterior, and the linearity of its composition.

Large floor to ceiling windows slice great chunks out of the walls of the home. Curtains gather at the glass to give shade from the hot sun.

Beyond the gather of white curtains, the interior of the home sports the same wood cladding as the exterior. A modern sofa hugs the wooden walls of the living room, bordering a square coffee table. A linear floor lamp spreads a long line of light over the contemporary couch.

A small black accent chair makes up the other side of the living room, allowing the view of a serene courtyard to be delivered to the lounge with minimal obstruction.

The chimney breast of a modern fireplace is suspended from the ceiling, with LED strips recessed around its anchor point in the rafters. Open flames dance along a wide white hearth below it, adding to the glamorous floating effect. A flat screen TV makes use of the suspended wall space.

On the other side of the unusual fireplace there is a formal dining room. A linear suspension lamp addresses the full length of the table.

The chimney breast on the dining room side is left blank, which gives the dining setup a clean and simple setting.

A white minimalist kitchen with island stands to the back of the dining room arrangement.

The rich wood dining table set matches the deep tone of the wood panelled walls.

Just near the end of the dining room table, the kitchen island is a concrete clad affair, topped with a crisp white worktop. Appliances are set into one wall of full height units that run from window to window along the width of the room.

The courtyard that was viewable from the lounge is also visible in the kitchen diner.

Along with stunning forest views through exterior windows, the interior courtyard design means the main living space is completely surrounded by a revitalising connection with nature.

The courtyard also serves purpose as a divider of interior space; a hallway runs along the opposite side of the courtyard to the living room, which is also where the entry door to the courtyard is situated.

The property also has a self contained living space, which features a lounge and a kitchen diner in one room.

A set of nesting coffee tables is made up of a wood square coffee table overlapped by a similarly proportioned round coffee table in pale stone. Their colour combination perfectly complements the grey and brown tones of the room.

Atmospheric lighting makes the wooden room feel like a cosy cabin, but the sleek grey minimalist kitchen and sofa keep things cool and contemporary.

The fireplace is set into a chimney breast of grey stone–the same stone that features around the modern home exterior.

In the bedroom, a platform bed has integrated side units, topped with designer bedside table lamps.

A huge headboard backs the full width of the bed and attached bedside units to exaggerate the effect.

An ensuite bathroom is accessible through a sliding glass door.

Folded sheet metal makes a media shelf below a wall mounted TV.

The TV wall fronts a walk-in wardrobe design.

Inside another double bedroom, a rustic tree stump side table makes a charactful addition to the forest house.

A grey bed and bed runner is teamed with an earthy brown bed set.

There is a kids’ room onsite too.

A study desk is amalgamated into the TV wall decor.

Stone tiles floor the hallway.

One tree towers right through an opening made in the outer canopy of the house.

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